Rhayader Carnival News

Programmes now out

Carnival Programmes with event timings are now available from Spar, Daisy's & Best One

only limited stocks available.

3 Down 2 to go

Queen Menna attended Llandrindod Carnival (July 2nd) the Carnival was very well attended.

Menna had the pleasure of being chauffeured by CK Golder, who was helping out R&B Transport.

Menna will attend Llanidloes Carnival this Saturday 

Newbridge on Wye Carnival 

Queen Menna attended  Newbridge on why carnival on Saturday 25th June.  The carnival Committee spent the morning decorating the lorry prior to the procession. Menna and her attendants enjoyed taking part in the parade.  we would like to thank Newbridge committee for the invite. 

Rhayader Carnival Launches new Website 

As you are already aware Rhayader Carnival has a nice new website. The web site created by DASO interactive development can now be used on a tablet and mobile phone as well as a conventional computer.

Newtown Carnival 2016

Retiring Carnival Queen Menna Mills attended Newtown carnival on 11th June.  Menna & her attendants received first place in the visiting Queens section.  Also R & B Transport who provided the lorry won 1st in the best turned out unit & driver.